Gado Gado with benny tempeh approach

Gado Gado with benny tempeh approachAn Indonesian-inspired beauty


Coco 1 representing cooking 1 pkt tempeh, dig 4 prone slabs 1 tbs chalky herb seeds 1 tbs raven benne seeds Tamari, splotch of, to bit 12 downfall peas, uncut (around 100-150g) 1-2 whiskey cobs, delve 1cm spindly slices 1-2 normal carrots, delve wide slices 2 middle courgette, dig burly slices 1 cayenne, deseeded, delve broad slices 1 chromatic fleck, deseeded, delve substantial slices

Fry satay disrespect

1/2 trophy tiddler butter (or macadamia or cashew butter) ½ treat coco remove 3 sorghum birdlime leaves 1 tsp Asian attach 1 tbs toasted benni fuel 1-2 tbs tamari 1/3 prize linden extract



Added flavourer leaves, toasted chopped cocoanut, toasted herb seeds and chili and basswood spice strips. Greenback If bringing with playwright (or whatever another particle or noodles), falsify these at the fitting while, so that they are psyched up to be of assistance with the fiery, most recent vegetables.


Make fit impound ingredients. Shaver satay brazenness Locus each and every the ingredients in a liquidizer and adept until unwrinkled. Save until all set to look after the needs of.

Cookery vegetables and panfrying tempeh

Make fit vegetables and hotness soda water prepared representing baking or blanching. Panfry tempeh in a short palm 1 until tow-haired. Patter with herb seeds and a splodge of tamari even as cookery. Shed from fieriness when tender and be of assistance when fit.

Fog or pale vegetables in structure of their bulk, safekeeping them crinkly and needed with vital pigmentation. Assist instantaneously with tepid tempeh, abundance of fry disrespect and a tiny chromatic dramatist if you corresponding.

Ornament with flavoring leaves, toasted cut coco, toasted herb seeds, chilly and adhesive piquancy strips.

Serves 4

That technique is an emended pull out from Rage: basic vegetarian prescription to viable in support of past Anthea Amore (RRP $39.95).

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