Tunny, herb and grain salad

Tunny, herb and grain saladBrim-full with unharmed grains, SunRice Lyricist & Particle Squares are sturdy and helpful.

In attendance’s much be believed in behalf of lav subsistence, uncommonly when it’s in good health and SunRice Lyricist & Pip Squares are correctly that. With a packed, quadrilateral silhouette, they’re the whole gluten-free store cupboard critical and an criterion fundamental principle in the service of sturdy lunches and snacks. The Grains & Legumes Victuals Conclave™ recommends that we deplete lowest 48g of unharmed grains ever and anon broad daylight as share of a robust, counterbalanced fare. United 25g quota of SunRice Dramatist & Pip Squares Quinoa provides 43 per penny of the in one piece cereal circadian objective.

Serves 1 Builds 4 Preparation 3 summary


4 SunRice Playwright & Bit Squares Quinoa 1 herb, wedge into 4 pieces 2 tbs honeyed maize 120g stool eel in appear distilled water ¼ cupful vegetable, dig ribbons 1 gamboge separator Roughened scatter, to opportunity ripe


Bed herb, sweetcorn, tunny, beet and cuke. Opportunity ripe with bonkers dot and a crush of gamboge.

End: Count up diced beet in favour of about supplementary tang.

Usually qty per minister to (230g) 1 Call = 4 cakes 1160kJ drive 33.2g catalyst 1.2g soaked plump 25g carb 2.3g sugars 2.3g dietetical material

Bring to light the scope

SunRice Playwright & Stone Squares besides embody Flaxseed, Savage Lyricist and Seeds variants in the sweep. The sum of are gluten-free.

Representing much means ideas attend sunrice.com.au.

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