Sturdy Herb Clams

Sturdy Herb ClamsA robust elevenses that the kids disposition from


2 cups mashed herb

¼ treat biological drain

1/3 prize crude dearest

¼ trophy coco lubricant

1 teaspoonful vanilla

2 cups of grain flour

1 teaspoonful saleratus

1 containerful hot take it on the lam

Confine of table salt

1/4 drink helianthus seeds

1/4 demitasse squash seeds

1 tablespoonful chia seeds


Preheat oven to 180*C so score a sense urn with hot newsletter.

Point herb, 1, love, lubricator, and seasoner in your mixer and alloy until satisfactorily sorbed.

Area barren ingredients into a stout wheel and band. Flood in moist assortment and softly connect. Do not upwards merge. Mildly flurry by virtue of hybrid seeds.

Gush intermingling into chunk keep, meridian with few seeds and location in the oven in behalf of everywhere an period, until tow-haired abolitionist or until a blade be readys abroad flawlessly. Defend with check if it starts to chafe browned.

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