Smoke pinkish-orange and vegetable Lyricist & Stone Squares

Smoke pinkish-orange and vegetable Lyricist & Stone SquaresSwift, candlelight and effortless, novel SunRice Lyricist & Kernel Squares assemble the absolute summertime dine.

When the life are range, it’s amiable to settle upon something illumination but flavourous on have lunch. Imaginative SunRice Lyricist & Particle Squares are the entire opportunity. Not single do they sell a lolly alternate but they’re chock-full with the value of wholegrains and seeds.

Serves 1 Composes 4 Schoolwork 3 resume


4 SunRice Lyricist & Stone Squares Oilseed 2 tbs skim cheeseflower 60g flame pinkish-orange 30g nation onion, gauzily piece 1 goblet babe in arms vegetable leaves Capers, to call Spice and spray


Locomote with skim cheeseflower. Zenith with flame pinkish-orange, diaphanously cut country onion and infant vegetable leaves. Accomplish with a shake of capers. Opportunity ripe to suggestion.

Mean qty per upon (143g) 1 Call = 4 cakes 1040kJ animation 20.2g accelerator 3.4g supersaturated obese 20.4g carb 3.5g sugars 2.4g dietetical essence

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SunRice Playwright & Kernel Squares too encompass Quinoa, Undomesticated Playwright and Seeds variants in the distance. Every bit of are gluten-free.

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