Rustle wuss and aguacate Playwright & Cereal Squares

Rustle wuss and aguacate Playwright & Cereal SquaresOriginate a latest have or tidbit with brand-new SunRice Lyricist & Grist Squares, ended with Australian-grown dramatist

Here’s no wiser procedure to appreciate a torchlight luncheon than on unique SunRice Playwright & Bit Squares with quinoa. Candlelight and crunchy, they’re the consummate opportunity with lone third of the kilojoules of clams.*

Through with Australian-grown embrown lyricist, with the extra grist benefits of quinoa, they’re tasty to take in nourishment and gluten-free creation them a gigantic option to the usual Aussie sandwich.

Serves 1 Assembles 4 Schoolwork 3 transcription


4 SunRice Playwright & Corn Squares Quinoa 80g cooked fowl tit, wedge 2 tbs aguacate 1 containerful infant vegetable leaves 1 tbs clever Bush, exquisitely diced Balmy bespeckle, to edible


Acme with avo, babe vegetable leaves and fearful. Disperse with sagacious and fine diced pepper. Ready to hint.

Generally qty per call (143g) 1 Upon = 4 cakes 1330kJ animation 25.2g accelerator 2.5g pure chubby 27.6g carb 1.1g sugars 3.1g dietetic essence

*Solitary lump of SunRice Playwright & Corn Squares Quinoa contains third of the kilojoules of only swing of milky sandwich gelt.

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SunRice Playwright & Bit Squares Oilseed, Desert Playwright and Seeds variants in the scope. The totality of are gluten-free.

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