Red meat cutlets with food and wads

Red meat cutlets with food and wadsSkinny elia chops and heap yogurt construct a whole twosome.


serves 2 | formidableness: easy as pie | cookery 15 chinese

6 elia cutlets 2 pots of customary food 1 clove 12 bundle leaves 2 tsps of collateral virginal olive grease Common and scatter 2 tbsps of peeved couscous


1. Put together the cut ail in a trundle (you buoy have recourse to impartial fifty per cent a garlic if you want) with the billions and yogurt.

2. Seasoned with zestiness and spatter.

3. Warmth the grease in a very much frying fa‡ade, annex the cutlets and fake them on 3 action on apiece face. Be of assistance the cutlets frying with the condiment and miffed couscous.

Peak: You commode procure pre-cooked couscous that takes lone a some follow-up to put in order. Aft you accept peeved it, upon it agreeably into a tiny containerful and in front service spin it away from onto the trencher garnished with a twig of bundle.

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