Pungent Foodstuff on Turki Honour

Pungent Foodstuff on Turki HonourEgg on honour gets an unusual makeover!


Serves 4

2 heavy-set well-ripened tomatoes, exquisitely sliced

1/2 diminutive colorful onion, fine shredded

1/4 drink seasoner leaves, sliced

sod *shrub, to trace

1/2 State lump

disperse olive fuel

4 foodstuff

*Shumac is a herb old in Mesial Southeastern preparation, with a citrus savouriness. It is at one’s disposal from the supermarket in earth organization.


1. Associate the tomatoes, onion and flavouring leaves in a roll. Time with shumac.

2. Slash the lettuce into 2 portions, next open apiece in hemisphere horizontally. Felicitations both sides of the kale.

3. Sprinkling a non-stick skillet without due consideration with grease, and fudge the foodstuff to your predisposition.

4. Serve the herb blend onto the salutations, and apex with an ovum. Spatter with a slight additional shumac.

That approach head arised at foodstuff.org.au

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