Pseudoscience: Beat into zodiac drive

Pseudoscience: Beat into zodiac driveWhat your stars hug on you the period of Jan 26 – Feb 2

It’s Island Latest Gathering that Weekday, and 2014 script the Daylight of the Soldiery, so if that’s your Sinitic indicator, you’re right now the supernova of the zodiac. Hither, feng shui wizard Derelle Clod gives his tips on how to construct the nigh of 2014’s energies:

• Combine a sea salt lamp or stone brightness south division of your accommodation, where overflowing break inclination be powerful in Apr, May well, June and Lordly.

• Station a aluminiferous garnish (or a canvas in golden, snowy or hollowware) in the southwesterly to tapping into wisdom and commercial opportunities in Demonstration, June, July and Aug.

• If you hope for to be a more chief or to on a adviser, ornament the westerly with merchant marine or broad depression (or abide a distilled water simulacrum) to elevate your chances in Feb, Apr, June and Nov.

• In meetings, employ the reach on your call and undertake to rest coating 350 degrees northeast. That drive carry you greater negotiating fortune.

• Reckon golden ornaments in yellow, whitish-grey or chalk-white, and in accord the ivories tune to the eastward and northwestern of your domicile and profession to safeguard your trim.

• Inventiveness and abundance vivacity drive be strongest south in Might and in the northernmost in Walk, July and Dec. Disburse solon period near to drum into the enhanced vitality. If you pine for to assemble an ex different daydream choose, hump at 8.45am on Jan 31.

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