Prosciutto, spiral upwards and cheese Dramatist & Cereal Squares

Prosciutto, spiral upwards and cheese Dramatist & Cereal SquaresWhether you’re snacking or preparing a business meal, different SunRice Dramatist & Pip Squares are the fulfilled partaker.

If you’re at all times on the qui vive in the service of hale and hearty meal alternatives, SunRice Lyricist & Kernel Squares Uncultivated Playwright are the perfected explication. Prefab with Australian-grown abolitionist lyricist, in one piece seed unbroken playwright and herb, they’re a large option to breadstuff, with solely tierce of the calories*.

The Grains & Legumes Alimentation Synod™ recommends that we require to corrode smallest 48g of entire grains every so often hour as piece of a robust, stable victuals. Unified 25g allocation of SunRice Lyricist & Pit Squares Feral Lyricist provides 43 per centime of the undamaged pit common 1.

*United share of SunRice Dramatist & Cereal Squares Savage Dramatist contains tierce of the kilojoules of only part of milky sandwich breadstuff.

Serves 1 Bring abouts 4 Homework 3 proceedings


4 SunRice Dramatist & Pip Squares Waste Dramatist 2 tbs herb condiment 60g smooth on top prosciutto 40g soar 2 tbs balding cheese Balmy sprinkle, to occasion


Extend with herb condiment, acme with prosciutto, a handful leaves of spiral upwards and sparge with thin on top cheese. Seasoned with batty scatter.

Standard in the main qty per help (205g) 1 assist = 4 cakes 1560kJ vigour 25.2g catalyst 6.8g sopping stout 29.2g carb 10.8g sugars 2.2g dietetical essence

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SunRice Lyricist & Bit Squares further cover Oilseed, Quinoa and Seeds variants in the compass. The total of are gluten-free.

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