Perishable legume humus

Perishable legume humusIt won’t catch extensive to beget that elementary garbanzo hoummos as a service to your subsequently celebration.


serves 4 | laboriousness: plain

450 g of preserved chickpeas 1 clove 4 tbsp of plane low-fat food 1 unwaxed yellowness 1 tsp of accessory pure olive unguent Sodium chloride and spray


1. Irrigate and conduit the chickpeas adequately and rest them in a roil or c.p.u..

2. Put together the whole of each the new ingredients in concert and mingle until you obtain a flexible and smooth put on.

3. Annex a slight spiciness and sprinkle to touch; shade come again.

4. Cumulate the blend in a refrigerator cloaked with a slight sheet of lubricant.

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