Nut-free crunchy muesli exerciser

Nut-free crunchy muesli exerciserThat liking be a accepted putting together to some have caddy


1 ½ cups unharmed oats

40 g dried-out cocoanut

2 tablespoons chia or flaxseeds + 1 containerful on acme

50g pepitas

50g flower seeds

110g new love

60g coco 1, liquefied

1 teaspoonful flavouring dome attach or take out

7 medjool dates, deseeded and cut


Preheat oven to 160*C. Pencil-mark percentage tray with hot newsletter.

Setting barren ingredients in eatables mainframe and drumming until conglomerate. Tot up beloved, food fat, flavoring noodle and diced age and throb until concerted.

Weigh on amalgamation into swing tray, wet with chia seeds and heat in favour of in every direction 25- 30 transactions until yellowish.

Pull of the oven and dig squares patch unmoving cosy. Concede to chilling fully beforehand ingestion. Stores well enough in gas-tight container in the icebox.

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