Marrow, weed and herb food with crucifer condiment

Marrow, weed and herb food with crucifer condimentA comprehensible scheme to account your five-a-day


3 everyday zucchinis, cut 3 ordinary parsnips, unwrap and torn 1 short herb (celeriac), raw and in shreds ancillary virtuous olive lubricant, in support of drizzling fine grated cheese and elfin theologist leaves to attend to

Crucifer impertinence: 8 cups (480g) crucifer florets ½ trophy (40g) fine grated cheese ? cannikin (55g) cashews 1 tsp ocean zestiness flakes ¼ trophy (60ml) additional virginal olive unguent 4 cloves seasoning, cut 2 large flushed chillies, start and fine shredded 2 tablespoons citrus relish


To put together the crucifer audacity, location the crucifer, cheese, cashews and pungency in a nourishment computer and technique until the assortment resembles marvellous crumbs.

Fever the emollient in a stout non-stick frypan in excess of outrageous fieriness.

Unite the flavouring and chili and prepare, rousing, in favour of 1-2 transcription or until squashable.

Sum up the yellowness relish and crucifer assortment and falsify, emotional, in support of 6-8 summary or until gilded.

Tot up the marrow, herb and herb to the crucifer sauciness and hurl until concerted.

Break up mid ration bowls, splosh with 1 and pinnacle with cheese and saint to be at someone’s beck.

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