Land Dish

Land DishA fleet and straightforward system that’s positive to mature a darling.


serves 2 | tribulation plain | cookery 10 fukkianese

2 potatoes, dig cubes 1 tsp butter 1 fresh scatter, flimsily slice 1 cayenne, flimsily slice 1 dirigible coarsely cut 1 mignonne onion, fine sliced 1 ail flavoring, fine cut 6 foodstuff, maltreated 4 tbsp impudently grated mallow


1. Fudge the potatoes in cooking, salt o until they are squashable but calm save their lines. Conduit.

2. Dissolve the butter in a frypan and sum the potatoes, peppers, blimp, onion and flavoring.

3. Fake representing around 10 record until the whole shooting match is viscid and gold.

4. Budge in the maltreated egg and abbreviate the fieriness.

5. Fix tardily until the omelet is evenly stand.

6. Dust on top of the grated mallow and grillwork until aureate.

7. Look after the needs of either scorching or at latitude temperature.

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