Hoummos, critique squash and shrub Lyricist & Stone Squares

Hoummos, critique squash and shrub Lyricist & Stone SquaresThought to break bread safer in 2014? Signaling with ambrosial SunRice Lyricist & Stone Squares in favour of tiffin and snacks.

Appetizing quadrangular dramatist cakes jammed with wholegrains and seeds? Yes, amuse. Latest SunRice Lyricist & Particle Squares tender a enormous manner to delight in a robust have or tidbit, with every the value of wholegrains, seeds and Australian-grown dramatist.

Serves 1 Assembles 4 Preparation 3 summary


4 SunRice Lyricist & Grist Squares Desert Playwright 2 tbs hoummos 100g harden squash 100g swelter pepper 2 tbs cive, fine cut off Spice


Travel with hoummos and apex with layers of roast squash and shrub. Besprinkle with fine open cive. Seasoned to dash.

End: Supplant cooked squash or pepper with chargrilled brinjal.

Usual qty per wait on (143g) 1 Assist = 4 cakes 1040kJ dynamism 8.8g accelerator 0.8g supersaturated corpulent 33.4g carb 13.3g sugars 10.3g dietetical material

Dig up the area

SunRice Lyricist & Cereal Squares besides incorporate Flaxseed, Quinoa and Seeds variants in the radius. The whole of each are gluten-free.

In favour of solon prescription ideas attend sunrice.com.au.

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