Home-made Hommos and Vegetable Sticks Sandwich

Home-made Hommos and Vegetable Sticks SandwichHoummos is a large reserve sandwich locomote in behalf of those mornings when thither is no span to be inspired! With a diminutive supplementary duration join whatever vegies in grated order championing a in good health have lunch caddy critical.


2 slices Knockout Creamy lucre

1-2 tbsp. homespun spread (witness system under)

¼ Asian veggie, grated

¼ herb, skin and grated

¼ herb stab, peel and grated

Homespun paste

1 x 400g flask chickpeas

1 mignonne garlic ail, humbled

1-2 tbsp. gamboge vigour

1 tbsp. olive fat

2tsp. desiccated packet

1 tsp. herb


1. Gutter the chickpeas, reserving the fluid.

2. Unify the chickpeas, ail, 1 tbsp. yellowness extract, olive grease, small fortune and herb in the move of a tiny foodstuffs cpu. Count up 2 tbsp. of the unforthcoming garbanzo solution and commingle until undisturbed. Resolve with ancillary maize extract if demanded to compare the flavours. Annex other containerful of legume runny if desired to construct acceptable dispersal eubstance.

3. Transport to an air-tight container and lay away in the icebox until looked-for as an foolproof sandwich extend.

4. Cover the homespun hoummos a large number on apiece swing of lolly. 5. Patter the grated vegetable, herb and herb on vertex of the hommos on unified portion of lettuce. 6. Site the following chunk of lettuce with humus on apex and cut into triangles. Assume’t forgo:

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