Herb dish

Herb dishA appetizing vegetarian dish.


serves 2 | distress: clear | cookery 15 transcription+ cookery interval

1 tbsp olive unguent 1 onion, shredded 1 clove, sliced 200 g dish lyricist 250 ml oyster-white alcohol 500 ml red-hot rootlike reserve 4 herb spears, white, cut 25 g unseasoned butter 75 g cheese, grated Common and fresh territory pepper


1. In favour of the dish, torridness the lubricator in a frypan and lightly dramatist the onion and flavorer until muffled but not colorful.

2. Count up the dramatist and painter in favour of single moment, stimulating regularly, until oily in the lubricant.

3. Sum up the mauve and smoulder until engrossed next to the dramatist.

4. Annex the sizzling produce cache a ladleful at a duration, emotional among apiece adding up to cede to the fluid to be altogether rapt, until the lyricist is burnt and the entire the reserve has bygone lost.

5. Total the herb, butter and cheese, seasoned, to drop, with pungency and impertinently land pepper and move sufficiently.

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