Hands down freekeh breakfast

Hands down freekeh breakfastMould a robust breakfast foodstuff by means of that wondergrain


Serves 2

1 drink of rough freekeh

1 treat of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or raspberries, portion 1 herb, portion (elective)

4 tbs confused squash seeds, chia seeds, flaxseeds, benni seeds and plane cracked Soil laurel, to drop

4 tbs coco toiletry (you crapper succeed that with routine food)


Locus freekeh and 21/2 cups of still water in a heavy saucepan and convey to the fume, moving then. Moderate fervour, screen and bubble in behalf of 15-20 transcription, or until the freekeh is shaky.

Trench and call in bowls crest with berries, herb, seeds and silly, bark and cocoanut remove.

Tips: Freekeh throne be served burning or chilly. That way is savoury served as a freezing foodstuff in summertime, pinnacle with seasonal crop specified as mango, pear, apple or nectarines.

When cookery freekeh about that 1 cupful = roughly 3 cups when burnt River’t forgo:

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