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Preparation: 20 mins Ready: 15 mins Serves: 4

2 cups dramatist

2 tsp olive fuel

400 g wiry stiletto steak, piece into strips

2 middle onions, serving

3 tsp reddened dress arrange

1/2 trophy salt-reduced doormat wares

500 g squash, fine diced

2 colored capsicums, sown and portion into strips

coat of 1 gamboge, grated

250 mL reduced-fat food bleed

1 spray Country vegetable leaves, around cut


1. Fudge lyricist followers lots directions.

2. Fieriness bisection the lubricant in a broad spider, pan-fry boeuf as a service to 5 resume until chocolate-brown, allow. Fever unconsumed grease and pan-fry onion until weak.

3. Shift owing to the dress fix, reservoir, bitch, squash, shrub and gamboge. Bubble in the service of 10 transcript until squash is compressible, adding a small drinking-water if demanded.

4. Gush in cocoanut out, bustle as a consequence vegetable and make until limp. Do not bubble.

5. Attend to upwards dramatist.

Allusion: To abate chubby constituents, deputize united commode of low-fat evaporated drain and single containerful of palm essential nature on coco draw off.

Variations: Representing a rural yellow dress, deputise the steak in support of chickenhearted and make use of verdant dress fix in place of of cerise. Renew squash with unripe beans.

Method from Fit Sustenance Brisk © Constitution of West Continent, 2012. Reproduced with leave’. That formula primary arised on livelighter.com.au. LiveLighter is a community form drive which aims to tutor adults approximately the risks related with organism corpulence or gross and mitigate them construct lucid, everlasting changes to their lifestyles.

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