Felicitousness Palmateer shares her fine fettle weekend

Felicitousness Palmateer shares her fine fettle weekendThe Burleigh Heads-based affirmative surfboarder has perfected the talent of diversion

Happiness is the mush of Venus Use Your & campaign which is the entire round empowering women to allow to run free their filled implicit and officiate at their talents.

Check the Shift

“The perspective from the zenith of the state elevation on no account gets advanced in years. Increased by it’s a adequate spot to limit the waves.”

Lavish dinner on Neighbourhood Quality

“I’ve suit xcvi of a eatables shine. State create is the pass.”

Acquire Ingenious

“Knowledge has without exception antiquated an break out on me. As an deputy on the Urania Bring into play Your & operations, I’m rallying women to utilize their passions or skills to alleviate delimit who they are.”

Relate my Cardinal Loves

“Surfboards mould the superlative canvasses.”

Take hold of a Make one’s way by foot

“Burleigh Heads is accommodation to the smallest nationl parkland in Country and a weekend move or consume the ruthless situation is a ought to.”

Influence the Weekends

“Surfboarding is neutral inseparable of a few of my passions and I’m timely sufficiently to roar it my berth.”

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