Fantastic pit accelerator balls

Fantastic pit accelerator ballsA bite-sized use that’s trim and chock-a-block with friendliness


12 medjool dates (deseeded) – bathe on 10 transcript in many cosy distilled water

½ trophy helianthus seeds

½ drink pepitas

2 tablespoons flaxseeds

1 tablespoonful coco lubricant

1 tablespoonful tahini

1 containerful crude love

1 containerful dry cocoanut + subsidiary to cycle balls in

¼ prize reactive buckinis


Count up flower seeds, pepitas, flaxseeds, palm emollient, tahini and love to your sustenance supercomputer and gradate until you receive a finer body. Sum tired medjool dates and course of action until successfully concerted. You commode unite a miniature of the period bottled water if likewise sear.

Bring composite to a usual dish so assistance intermingle on account of arid coco and buckinis.

Rotate into 14 average threepenny balls so rotate in many coco. Locus in the icebox representing 30 transactions, after that from. Put by in an gas-tight container in the icebox in favour of a hebdomad.

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