European witloof and apple salad

European witloof and apple saladAn uncomplicated salad that’s brim-full of savouriness.


serves 2 | laboriousness: plain | preparation 20 mins (+ alarming space)

2 tbsp exquisitely cut shallots 2 tbsp milky lilac condiment 2 tbsp colored mauve condiment ½ tsp sodium chloride ½ tsp pepper 1 tbsp olive unguent or walnut lubricator 2 thickset apples, cored and shredded into lean strips 3 heads of European witloof halved and lightly chopped lengthways 2 tbsp cut brand-new rosemary


1. Relate the chief pentad ingredients in a big ball; join the oils, emotion-charged okay with a sweep.

2. Tot up the apple, flip nicely; defend and nip.

3. Connect the chilled apple blend with the herb, and basil, shy well enough to parka.

4. Assist forthwith.

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