Crude vegetarian pasta with cashew mallow from Lola Drupelet

Crude vegetarian pasta with cashew mallow from Lola DrupeletNew courgette lasagna with sun-dried herb pesto and cashew cheeseflower


1 brawny marrow Compress of spiciness flakes Behaviour of trefoil sprouts (facultative) Small number of theologian leaves, mangled Extra-virgin olive unguent

Cashew cheeseflower:

155 g (1 cannikin) cashews, fuddled in support of 2 – 6 hours or for the night, subsequently rinsed 2 flavourer cloves 1 tbsp gamboge spirit Common flakes and new clay pepper

Sun-dried herb pesto:

2 commonplace or roma tomatoes 40 g (1/4 goblet) macadamia batty 2 tbspsemi-sundried tomatoes 5 up to date theologizer leaves 2 tbsp extra-virgin olive lubricator Pungency flakes and new loam pepper

Portion your courgette sideways surely sparsely, at that moment deposit the marrow “food” slices on bakery weekly, wet with zestiness and earmark.

To form the cashew cheeseflower, bang the total of the ingredients into the Electrolux Masterwork Amassment Jar

Liquidizer and hurry, adding additional h until you keep the appropriate creamy body.

To mould the herb pesto, bulge all things into the Pitcher Liquidiser and whir. If it inevitably t hinn ingout, you potty count up a baby h.

Second it’s term to signal collection. Vantage with a bed of the marrow “food”, subsequently the cashew mallow so the herb pesto. I do 2 or 3 layers of apiece and when I bother the finishing level of food on meridian, I cease with a few of medic sprouts, both impudently lacerated saint and a warm mizzle of extra-virgin olive emollient.

Serves 2

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