Crucifer Dish Formula from Donna Fodder

Crucifer Dish Formula from Donna FodderWho knew dish could be so in good health?

That crucifer dish with chou, mozzarella and yellowness assembles meat-free Weekday a labor.


8 stalks chou, orderly 2 tbs auxiliary pure olive fuel 3 cloves flavorer, serving ½ tsp preserved chilly flakes 1 containerful gamboge piquancy ¼ drink (20g) fine grated cheese 1 x 125g city mozzarella, worn out ? containerful little father leaves

Crucifer Dish Bases: 6 cups (600g) crucifer florets, approximately cut 3/4 beaker (90g) almond food (land almonds) ½ prize (40g) fine grated cheese 3 egg, softly baffled davy jones’s locker rock-salt and bonkers pepper

Serves 4


Preheat oven to 200°C (400°F).

To construct the crucifer dish bases, thinly filth 2 x 30cm disc-shaped dish trays and stroke with non-stick hot periodical.

Location the crucifer, in batches, in a edibles computer and proceeding until the intermingling resembles elegant crumbs.

Remove to a stocky 1, tot up the almond supper, cheese, ovum, zestiness and bespeckle and alloy until a squashy boodle forms.

Disconnect the medley in fifty per cent and force into the planned trays.

Broil in favour of 20-25 summary or until blond and friable.

Area the cole, lubricant, flavorer, chilly and artefact pungency in a wheel and lob to covering.

Disconnect the combination betwixt the bases and crest with the cheese.

Heat as a service to 8-10 record or until the bread is crinkly.

Apex apiece dish with mozzarella and theologist to call.

Technique from Donna Fodder Existence In Deliberate to hand at

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