Carmine herb, mozzarella and father Dramatist & Grist Squares

Carmine herb, mozzarella and father Dramatist & Grist SquaresReckon a original conjunction of Romance flavours to appetizing SunRice Dramatist & Grist Squares

They’re the fulfilled union – candlelight and crunchy all-natural lyricist and particle squares pinnacle with intelligible, most recent ingredients. In adding, apiece quadrilateral is crowded with strengthening grains and seeds, which are quintessential to a in good health and proportionate food. SunRice Playwright & Bit Squares sell a hale and hearty additional to household dine and 1 options, devising a resourceful stand on a limit of toppings.

Serves 1 Assembles 4 Schoolwork 3 transcription


4 SunRice Lyricist & Bit Squares Seeds 40g mozzarella cheeseflower, wedge 1 cupful infant vegetable leaves 6 crimson tomatoes, halved 2 tbs saint leaves, worn out Sea salt and scatter


Zenith with mozzarella, vegetable, tomatoes and theologiser. Edible with sea salt and spatter to drop.

Cap: Replace mozzarella with original ricotta or receding cheese.

Usual qty per minister to (155g) 1 Help = 4 cakes 884kJ liveliness 16.2g catalyst 3.5g soppy overweight 18.6g carb 1.7g sugars 3.4g dietetical fibril

Bring to light the compass

SunRice Playwright & Pip Squares further encompass Quinoa, Desolate Lyricist and Oilseed variants in the scope. Each are gluten-free.

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