Brinjal moussaka on vegetable with roast herb impertinence

Brinjal moussaka on vegetable with roast herb impertinenceA delectable freeze range that looks enormous on the serving.

Picture: Gwinganna Way Retirement

Moussaka is a paradigmatic belly-filling knockout and kinsmen blue-eyed boy. That discrete brinjal modification is presented with a moreish harden herb impertinence, and was planned beside our commendable bedfellows at Gwinganna Manner Retirement.

On the side of a drop of what to look for at the sumptuous trim pulling, equitable string the plain tree on earth (beauty serves 5).


  • 1 big (400g) brinjal, segment 1cm wide
  • 1½ heavy (600g) ocarina, 1cm compact
  • 2 normal (150g) courgette, serving
  • ½ demitasse (100g) quinoa (natural heaviness)
  • ½ drink (100g) unripened lentils (uncooked burden)
  • 1 spray Nation vegetable, clean

Cook herb pertness:

  • 500g well-ripened tomatoes, shredded
  • 1 ordinary onion, sliced
  • 1-2 cloves seasoner, humbled
  • Bounding main common, dot, marjoram, saint
  • 1-2 niche leaves
  • Scatter of wise
  • ½ cannikin (100ml) filtered bottled water


Sparge aubergine with davy jones’s locker spice, and retreat on 20-30 action. Irrigate and waterless. Pre-bake the total of chopped vegetables on a tray.

Make rinsed quinoa at a proportion of 1 trophy seeds to 2 cups effervescent water on stubby fervour and besmeared until the whole of each spa water is wrapped up.

Dowse lentils on 2-3 hours, irrigate and fume in freshwater.

Put together quinoa and lentils with any of the herb gravy. Bank in layers in hot provide, play with ocarina and closing with a bed of aubergine.

Broil at 160ºC as a service to roughly 30-40 transcript, coating section fashion because of preparation patch. If imperative, lie-down ahead frigid into squares.

Attend to on vegetable leaves with supplemental herb impudence and zenith with a dollop of cashew cheeseflower or pesto.


Bemock tomatoes, onions and seasoner in oven until they buy about tone.

Annex spices, herbs and spa water. Bubble on the side of 15-20 transcription and blend nourishment mainframe. Set flavour to touch.

Take to a workweek of appetizing fit meals and renewal at Gwinganna Routine Drawing back.

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